warning drivers of bad pax


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is it kosher to post the first name/city of a pax for other drivers to avoid? this guy made a false claim against me that resulted in my account being deactivated and I want other drivers to know that he should be avoided at all costs, but I don't know if that's okay on this forum.


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Sorry about your deactivation...I dealt with my own bogus claim that kept me sidelined for 5 days before being reactivated. (Keep fighting/calling!!)

BUT,..if I was permanently deactivated due to a false claim and could no longer drive,..I would have ZERO issue with posting a bogus rider's Name, City, AND pick-up Address! (assuming I was positive which rider it was)

Not sure how much good it will do, but you might be doing someone a huge favor and you'll definitely feel better!

All the Best & Good Luck with the reactivation..