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Want to Make Some Money ...? Report Your Uber Driver to the Police

Discussion in 'News' started by ntcindetroit, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. ntcindetroit


    Until last week, Owen Lee made good earnings working overtime as an Uber driver in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, to boost his modest monthly salary as a marketing agent for a restaurant website.

    By driving over 150 hours a month, Lee, 28, could make up to $1,250 — roughly two-thirds of his regular salary

    The reflection on the April Fool's day after being deactivated or deleted.
  2. 2Cents


    Yup none of that "It's a Technology Company/ 'Ride-Share' non sense in Taiwan.

    You want to operate? Pay up just like every other entity that has gone overseas to gain market share.
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