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Want 5 stars? Don’t worry, Uber put out a video!

Discussion in 'Advice' started by BurgerTiime, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. What is this salt thing?
  2. Pro tips? as in professionals? Do we get paid like professionals?

    Dear Uber:

    The day your passengers behave like the fake passengers on the video is the day drivers will behave like the fake drivers on the video.

    It's like they have a ZERO ****ing concept of reality, damn millennials pushing this PR/newb bait trash.
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  3. That's only a third of it ............pax waiting in illegal stopping zone, in intersections,waiting while pax is shopping & not being paid for waiting time, coughing, sneezing on your back are just to mention some more instances .
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  4. LMAO Top 10 response post and permission to use...love it and still chuckling
  5. this is hilariously accurate
  6. salsaverde77


    I had a lady complain because I didn't know where some visitors center was in D.C. and then proceeded by giving me a 1 star. Perfect luxury drive, went the speed limit, but got a 1 star because I didn't know where something was. Uber has got to get a control on this rating system. Absolutely ridiculous
  7. Christinebitg


    Sure, but how is the app going to detect ahead of time if someone is going to be an a**hole?

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