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Want 5 stars? Don’t worry, Uber put out a video!


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Funny... I was expecting them to lecture us about water/mint/gum, looking at the video's thumbnail image. But no such mention in this seemingly brand new video that they posted just 2 days ago.

Gtown Driver

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I love how this stuff is always about how the driver will get 5 stars if they bend over, but never anything to explain how a rider can get 5 stars. Riders can just throw up on your seats and point fingers at you and get the FIVE wooooooooooo.

I don't bother to look for stuff. We too worried about the peanuts we get per ride to be looking for their overpriced phones and key fobs.

I hate cold weather so nobody gets clean car until March lol. I might wash it once before the end of January. Maybe.


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Couple major differences:
- I don't have a cheesy English accent.
- I always wear M driving gloves. Always.
- I never talk on the celly while on trip.
- My pax are hotter and more cheerful.
- I always obey traffic laws.

And last but not least:
- I sold my BMW!