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waiting doordash driver

forrest m

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Yesterday I was at a pizza/sub place having dinner. This Doordash driver came in, turns out his pickup wasn't done yet and the shop was really busy. That poor guy was there for 20 minutes not getting paid at the point that I left, and who knows how much longer to wait. We had a discussion about food delivery, and we both agreed that both food delivery and ride-share are only good for a few quick bucks, not a regular job. I don't know how people are able to survive doing these types of jobs as a means to pay bills, beyond just some extra spending money.


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lol that's the exact kind of driver all of these food delivery gig companies long for. The smart one's reassign or cancel and move on.
I'm not sure how much "spending money" you perceive as adequate but I do between $800-1000 weekly doing Door Dash. Goes to show most people don't know what they're talking about and just spout out stupid opinions without finding out the truth.
Doordash used to be great here til they did away with peak pay and also lowered base pay to mostly $5 for 90% of orders now
I mean that’s the point right. Get as many 🐜 🐜 🐜 as possible and then see how low you can go. If they could go lower, they would. Especially when they see you’re desperate.


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I swear it's like all the app/gig companies are run by 1 scumbag, p.o.s., no-good, scamming, sleezeball, scumbag entity.
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Whatever happened to integrity? 🤔


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"I don't wait because I'm no waiter/so when I blow up don't try and kick it to me later."