WA Registration for UE


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Hi everyone, sorry if this has been posted about before. I am trying to sign up for Uber Eats in Perth with a car. My vechile registration keeps getting rejected due to the ‘expiry date’, Uber keeps demanding to upload a new one. In WA, as far as I am aware, we are issued with the piece of paper attached below and then a month before it is due we get another paper. I don’t have a new one because my registration doesn’t expire for 6 months. I’ve emailed Uber multiple times and they continue to reply to me with the same statement about what the document requires... which my documents has such as license make model year etc.
what have other UE drivers in Perth uploaded to be accepted?


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When I paid my account I went to the transport, paid and got a till receipt.
i then laid that crossways at the bottom in the payment section and took a photo.
they then worked out I had paid this account And approved it.


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All they could deduce from that document is that your rego expires today. If you have DOT Direct you can screenshot your vehicle details after you've paid to extend and that will be accepted.