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Visitor information for passengers

Jack Malarkey

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I carry visitor information about Canberra and the surrounding region in my car to give to passengers when visiting Canberra.

I typically have three publications available: (1) the glossy brochure 'Canberrra Visitor Guide 2017' produced by visitcanberra.com; (2) a tear-off map of central Canberra based on Lake Burley Griffin; and (3) a booklet of events in Canberra and its region for the current season (for example, autumn).

The tear-off map on the back lists places of interest with contact details, hours of opening and any admission charges.

You can get these publications from the Canberra and Region Visitors Centre at Regatta Point. The glossy brochure (74 pages) and the events booklet are free. A 2-centimetre thick pad of tear-off maps costs only $9.

I have found the staff at the visitors centre to be welcoming, friendly and encouraging.

The visitors centre is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday and 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on weekends and public holidays (closed on Christmas Day only).

Free parking is available.

I typically put a folded map inside the cover of the glossy brochure.

I offer the information only to passengers where I have established that they are visiting Canberra for the first time as tourists. Most eagerly and gratefully accept but some politely decline on the grounds that they prefer to use a visitors app.



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Great idea !!

I don't do many airport pickups but the concept will be a asset for visitors. :frown:

You are correct, many younger pax are web savvy and tend to use apps and web searches to get info nowadays.

I see cheap or B and B type accomodation info a complementary addition.:wink:

Jack Malarkey

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Most of the visitors information I referred to in my original post is also available in the Jolimont Centre as you enter from Northbourne Avenue.
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