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Question - I am debating on doing the TNC thing for VA. Will I get dinged for having a va license with a car that's registered and titles in a different state? While I understand that there is a separate form for this, is there anything else I need to worry about? My insurance company already knows I uber and they are fine with that so that's not the main concern.. Any thoughts?


The only possible downside I can think of is the insurance angle, and you've got that covered, so I think you're good. The whole TNC thing seems to be more concerned about titles and registration more than anything else. If you're a VA resident, it's trivial (and without cost), to get one. I just went on the VA DMV online site and pretty much clicked, "Yes, I swear I really do own this vehicle, this is the correct title", and then it popped up, "Your TNC stickers will arrive in 2 weeks."

I think the whole thing is set up more for out-of-staters, to make sure they are properly titled and registered outside of VA where the DMV has no records. I guess. Or maybe they just like to make you jump through hoops, who knows?

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My insurance company already knows I uber and they are fine with that so that's not the main concern.. Any thoughts?

If your insurance company knows that you do Uber, you should have nothing about which to worry. Many of the D.C, resident drivers have opted out of Virginia because they fear that Virginia could contact their insurance companies to verify the existence of a policy. While Virginia has stated that they are not doing that, such could change at any time and without any notice by simple administrative fiat. If Virginia were to contact the insurer of a District resident, the insurer might wonder why Virginia is doing this. It might deduce that the driver is doing rideshare and drop him. This will cause the driver to lose his registration, if he can not find another insurer to take him.

I suspect that Virginia is requiring the registration simply because the Commonwealth wants to know who is carrying its residents and those who do business there. I suspect that there will be more regulation in the future, but, for now, this suffices for Virginia.

I would register if your insurer does not care about Uber. It will increase your efficiency. The one advantage that the rideshare has over the cab is that it can operate across jurisdictional lines, for now, at least. This means that if you go from D.C. to Arlington, you do not have to deadhead back, as long as you are registered with Virginia. Instead, you can get a trip that comes back to D.C.

Cabs can do this, as well, but, D.C. cabs rarely get fares back from Virginia. Virginia cabs get fares back from D.C. all the time. The out of jurisdiction cab driver must acquire his passenger either from response to a telephone call or previous arrangement.

Are you a District of Columbia resident?

What insurance company do you use?