VIP is Bullshit.


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My apologies for the thread title, but the truth is usually an ugly sight to see.
(especially in print)

VIP riders order Uber 10 times a month. Okay, not a big deal. 2 or 3 times a week.
Even a minimum fare VIP will produce $50 month in gross fares and more likely
average rider closer to $100 - 150/month in gross fares. So ya, they are worth something.

According to UBER:

VIP has no additional cost. Rates are the same as uberX.
There are limited VIP vehicles on the road, so wait times may vary.
To keep your VIP status, you must complete 10 rides per month.
VIP will automatically be added to your account at the beginning of every month.

So rider may get to wait for the next VIP car instead of the closest car. What for ?
If there's no additional cost, it's probably worth nothing. To give people the idea
that this is somehow special is make believe and has a counter-positive effect on
any ride that does not seem like magic on 4 wheels. VIP should be UBER SELECT
and cost a bit more and offer something besides a facade.

Also, discounts and newsletters ? Don't we get enough spam already ?