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In Ct. Are you allowed to video tape passengers with a dual dash cam and how about the voice recording..I read you need other person consent. But if I put up a sign it states there's a camera or voice recording .but the rider is still not giving consent is this true. Does this mean I have to ask each rider to accept


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There's two types of law you have to think about, Criminal and Civil. Criminally, I do not see a specific law prohibiting videotaping someone in your car (assuming the only activity going on in your car is driving- there are statutes on Voyeurism) .

Civilly, it probably depends on if the person feels an expectation of privacy, which is unanswered by case law. To avoid be a test subject on whether someone can sue you, it's safer to post a notice, just like you see when you enter any store with video surveillance. Of course then there is always the question of the adequacy and prominence of the notice.

If you ever have someone famous in your car, there might be restrictions on what you can do with that person's image, as it is seen as having monetary value.

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It never hurts to err on the side of caution when it comes to legal matters, and I'm not a lawyer but I am a P.I. so I know a thing or two about documenting people in public. Connecticut is a "one party consent" state when it comes to audio recording in person, which means that as long as you're in the car while the recording is going on, you're all clear. As for video, you cannot take video of anyone in a place where they have an expectation or privacy. I can't see how they could make the argument that your car is one of these places, when they are in getting a ride from a complete stranger who clearly can see or hear anything going on.

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Are you sure about that? Every state in the Northeast is two-party consent as I recall.

It doesn't have to be actual consent, they just have to be informed that they are being audio recorded. At that point they can choose not to say anything.


I looked it up before posting to double check, it said CT only requires 1 person's consent when recording audio in person, but you're right that it is 2 party over a telephone.


There`s a few drivers I met on the Zello app. channel UBER CT United that use Trip Cam (hangs over the head rest pointed towards the back seat) that have advertisements and a camera recording once a PAX enters the car... I checked it out but to expensive for my blood.


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I have Tripcam and the tips cover the cost. I rather have a camera in my car and have it upload to a server. All it takes is one pax to claim they were raped in your car. It's also a good deterrent for bad behavior from the pax. If they have an issue with it, I remind them they don't have to get into my vehicle.