Video of self driving car hitting pedestrian- police tweet


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You mean what will we do as a society when the lower wage entry and reentry level jobs are automated and without training what will ex cons do for work to reintegrate into society?
To quote a classic, " Well, the world needs ditch-diggers too." It is not my problem to fund retraining for people that have made egregious decisions to commit crime. I know lots of people that have made genuine mistakes and bad decisions and have righted THEIR OWN ship and re-entered the world. It is not easy nor should it be. If ex-cons don't want to put in the hard work to rectify their situation, it is their problem. The same people saying the ex-cons don't have any job to do are the ones saying we need illegal immigrants to do jobs that Americans won't do. We already paid for 13 years of education for everybody...what they decided to do with it is their problem.

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The rest of the world are laughing and wondering where or from what source(s) police obtained the video footage if not being offended yet. It'll do the society good to find out why the horn is not working on the said Uber SDC than why the Uber SDC kills.


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It's not clear, but it is disturbing:

The person behind the wheel had their eyes off rhe road for a moment... There seemed to be no time to react. Isn't that why they wantes self-driving cars? To take out human error and minimize the likelihood of accidents?
Good article about the dangers of driver inattention and why it's inevitable.

Still doesn't get that trying to make money by eliminating drivers makes no sense.

How many drivers pay does it take to buy and maintain one of these cars?


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The huge issue is what the SDC did and did not do. And to a small degree what the driver was doing. So not to turn this into a political discussion about individuals that served their time, "BUT what type of work should an ex cons be allowed to perform once they are released. Because if they don’t find work, guess what happens next. (I don’t expect an answer).
Expecting a human to stay alert and attentive to the road at night when they've been "driving" for hours is simply unrealistic. It's difficult enough for most people when they HAVE to watch the road. After a few miles of nothing (not just for one day either) and the car doing tbe driving for you, almost anyone would be bored and tired and looking for something to engage them.


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I cannot believe that anyone thinks robotic cars and humans should be driving together anytime in the next 10 years or more.