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Video Drives Home How Scary The 110 Freeway Ramps Are


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Suicide trying to merge on to the Parkway.. Drive it several times a day back and forth from Pasadena to DT


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On ramp? You mean stop sign and try to get on with cars going 80 mph. These "ramps" haven't been updated since they were built for the model-T's . No need for on ramps back then since the didn't got 80mph


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Those ramps are the best. Its the new residents from gentrification that don't know how to drive them. It @@@@in says 5mph for a reason.

Your car was specifically designed for the Arroyo section of the 110. Probably the only place in all of LA where you need the 0-60 in 2 seconds to get on and 60-0 in 10 feet to get off a highway.

I drive it everyday and love it. Avenues for ever.


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Drive it every day as well, and can't believe the donkeys that drive 70 in the slow lane! It's just a matter of time before someone pulls in front of you going 5mph :eek: