Victor Crist has plan he says would make Uber and Lyft legal


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Those guys sure do think a lot of themselves.. if the general public really knew what they were up to, and how much tax-payer money they were burning through, there's no way they would still be operational. Hopefully their hubris will be their downfall as they keep putting themselves out there and drawing attention to their shenanigans.


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Some drivers will tell you different, but I haven't found a pitfall yet. Money is there, some nights slower then other but for the most part it's there. With gas prices the way they are you should have no worries. May not be the 5grand a month money but good enough to keep you coming out for more. That being said I hope that Uber is not your full time job, cause in Tampa it's not the way to go.

UberDrag Race

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No, I have a 6a-10a M-F p/t .. but I also ungraded my car to a Prius V for UBER (kept my paid off Dodge), and put in 6-8 hours a day/night.. I'm not ballin YET, but I make enough to pay all my bills, meet my families needs, and cover this new car note. were all happier around here. I love Tampa night life, adapting to the PAX has been very very easy.