Vice. Uber driver sleeps in her car


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There a guy in Whitby drives 12 hours 7 days a week full time. Owns a giant house.
Why bother if you not going to live in it... if I was any younger, and if this was couple years back... I would totally sleep in between pings, drive literally 24/7 for a year or so, save some crazy capital.
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If things get worse which they will in the summer some of us will be living in our cars
This is what I don't get... why such a devotion to driving... I would pick anything else out there that will not put me in that position.


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@@@@ she drives 133km to start ubering that's nuts. I can't do that and won't
Of course she fails to mention that she has no health insurance. And the measly earnings from Uber could never pay for it. I know S.F is an expensive place to live, but why does someone CHOOSE to live in a place that they CANNOT afford to live in. There are so many places in the southern US where the weather is nice like SF. WTF? Can' t understand how someone can drink the Uber Kool-Aid so readily. LOL.
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How old is the video? Uber has a 12 hr driving limit
As per video Uber does NOT have a driving time limit in S.F. Only Lyft does.