very Exciting news, $21/hr


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Can almost guarantee that as soon as they give you that $21/hr, you will never see a surge ride again. Not because of the imminent over saturation of drivers but because u/l will pocket whatever is above the $21 and not tell you about it.
They already do that to most of the drivers.


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Uber proposes policy that would pay drivers a minimum wage of $21 per hour while on a trip
by Megan Rose Dickey

On the heels of a driver-led protest outside Uber’s San Francisco headquarters, where drivers showed their support for gig worker protections legislation (via Assembly Bill 5) and demanded a union, Uber is circulating a petition urging people to “protect ridesharing in California.” In the petition, Uber advocates for a policy that would offer drivers a minimum of $21 per hour while on a trip,* paid time off, sick leave and compensation if they are injured while driving, as well as a collective voice and “the ability to influence decisions about their work.”

Uber has also created a new website called “Independent Driver” to showcase stories from drivers who want to remain independent contractors. Lyft, similarly, is circulating a petition urging people to demand legislators “fix AB 5.”

“We agree with the bill’s goal to protect workers, but we don’t agree that this protection should come at the cost of the flexibility our community relies on to supplement their income, support their families, and set their own schedules,” Lyft wrote in its petition. “After talking with thousands of California drivers and listening to experts in labor laws, we’re proposing a revision that protects driver earnings and the flexibility to earn when and how you want. Our proposal includes additional workplace protections for drivers and a minimum earnings floor.”

Gig Workers Rising, one of the organizations responsible for bringing drivers together to support AB-5 and demand the right to unionize, said it’s no coincidence that Uber and Lyft started circulating these messages on the last day of a statewide action demanding AB5 and a union that Uber and Lyft would begin circulating these messages to drivers and passengers.

“Everything that Uber and Lyft are offering is insulting to drivers,” Lauren Casey of Gig Workers Rising told TechCrunch. “This is nothing new. All they’ve done since AB5 was introduced is spread misinformation and fear. This shows us that Uber and Lyft are worried. Drivers have been organizing and fighting hard for AB5 for months, and, it’s working.”

These petitions are clearly Hail Marys by Lyft and Uber to try to prevent the passage of AB-5, which seeks to codify the ruling established in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v Superior Court of Los Angeles. In that case, the court applied the ABC test and decided Dynamex wrongfully classified its workers as independent contractors based on the presumption that “a worker who performs services for a hirer is an employee for purposes of claims for wages and benefits…”

According to the ABC test, in order for a hiring entity to legally classify a worker as an independent contractor, it must prove the worker is free from the control and direction of the hiring entity, performs work outside the scope of the entity’s business and is regularly engaged in an “independently established trade, occupation, or business of the same nature as the work performed.”
In short, AB-5, which has already passed in the California State Assembly, would ensure gig economy workers are entitled to minimum wage, workers’ compensation and other benefits.


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$21 is not exiting news, you need to drive non stop 8 hours to get $160 and your car works at list 8 hours, isn’t worth


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Why do I feel that everything in that article that Uber and Lyft have said should be in "air quotes"!!!

Has anyone seen those eye glass commercials lately with the "Council for Eye Care Complexity"?



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I’ve driven in NYC before, I’d argue that LA has worst traffic than NYC, and studies show that too. There’s lots of NYC residents that don’t a car and rely on the subway, thus less cars on the road. Whereas LA doesn’t have public transportation and everyone has a car because of that reason, and everything is spread out.
I agree. I drove briefly in Manhattan and thought "This isnt so bad"

I will crack Lyft hacks

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I will never understand why some drivers want to be employees of a company they hate.
I also never understand how someone does a highly dangerous job of driving without workers comp. any accident and you can’t work, can’t go to your normal job, no workers comp and become homeless. That risk is so high it is gambling with homelessness. Every time I drive. I have nightmares about what if I get injured or killed on the job. It would be automatic homelessness for a driver. So just with that I rather have the most basic workplace protections. Call it what you want. We are not actual contractors FYI. We are exploited employees. The only difference is weather we have basic rights or not. I stand for AB5 because I already am an employee of U/L just pretending to be a contractor. No real contractor respects us and acknowledges our work as self employed businesses. Please, that’s a silicon Vally joke.
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The California Supreme Court decision states that everyone is PRESUMED to be an employee already.
The only way to exclude a worker to Independent Contractor status is to pass their ABC test. Which no one can.

We are already employees. Have been for over 14 months. AB5 is a way to force UBER/LYFT/GIG companies to convert workers to employee status with all the protections.

$21 an hour is to little to late. It's $27 an hour in New York City. UBER is so desperate.
Correct. We already are employees under the Law of the Land in California. If you don’t like it protest the court ruling not AB5. I stand with AB5 and a Union so I can fight for 30$ for all, at least in California. Once I am in a Union, I will fight for a living wage not a minimum wage. That would be considerably higher than what U/L would offer me without representation. They know with bargaining power the balance of power will shift towards us the drivers. We then can fight for real living wages, not minimum wages. That is why U/L are spending 60 m to overthrough democracy. What a shame. It has passed 53/11, 4/1, and just Friday 5/2. But remember AB5 means nothing since it is already the law in California. AB5 is only to codify. I have already joined local 721 and am fighting for 30$/h no compromise. We already won in El Monte and will fight statewide. 30$h NO COMPROMISE, MWA, local 721.
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I will crack Lyft hacks

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I'm glad to see that Uber/Lyft are no longer able to pull the wool over all of our eyes.

I want to reiterate that AB5 doesn't address flexibility. That is not what the bill is about. The loss of flexibility is Uber/Lyft's lightly disguised threat that they are holding over their drivers. For those of you who are still working fulltime, how flexible is your schedule...really??? You have to have your app on and ready to drive at least 50 to 60 hours a week just to get by.

Both companies offer drivers "bonuses" based on taking more rides. If they have to bribe us to work more, would taking away flexibility work in their favor??

As of their other offerings...$21 before expenses, insurance that the drivers can pay for, a voice for drivers into deaf ears...WOW!!!

If they had really wanted to do anything for drivers, they would have done it already! Uber/Lyft have proven over and over again, that we can't trust nor count on them for anything. If it not legislated or regulated by the government, then it is temporary until they send out their next amended contract.

I spoke to Senator Lorena Gonzalez who wrote AB5. She said that "independent contractors " who do not make at least 2x the minimum wage will not be up for exemptions on AB5. When she drafted AB5, Lyft and Uber, were a few of the companies she had in mind.

Rideshare Drivers-United will be returning to Sacramento to continue lobbying for AB5. Rideshare Drivers-United are currently involved in getting LA to regulate rideshare.

I support AB5 and Rideshare supports AB5.
I will see you Wednesday in Sacramento. Great job the other day in San Diego. RDU, MWA, GWR, all fight the same fight. Assemblywoman Gonzales would make a deal if U/L actually compromised, but they are taking this as a joke and plan on buying votes and lawmakers. 2x minimum wage, plus benefits to have the right to call me IC.


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I will see you Wednesday in Sacramento. Great job the other day in San Diego. RDU, MWA, GWR, all fight the same fight. Assemblywoman Gonzales would make a deal if U/L actually compromised, but they are taking this as a joke and plan on buying votes and lawmakers. 2x minimum wage, plus benefits to have the right to call me IC.
take note, the 2x minimum wage language has been removed from AB-5.