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Just got this email. They want us to sign the petition for AB5 comprimise.

Help keep your ability to work when and where you want
Your access to flexible work could be at risk if lawmakers in Sacramento do not take action in the next few weeks.

If continuing to control when, where, and how you work is important to you, then it is absolutely critical to raise your voice now and let lawmakers know how you feel.

Some lawmakers are suggesting that all drivers should become employees of Uber—whether or not they would prefer it. Instead, Uber is advocating for a brand new policy that would protect your access to flexible work while also:
  • Ensuring you earn a minimum of approximately $21 per hour when driving with a passenger or going to pick them up, including costs for average expenses, while always preserving your ability to make more
  • Providing access to robust new benefits, such as paid time off, sick leave, and compensation if you’re injured while driving with Uber
  • Empowering drivers to have a collective voice with rideshare companies, and establishing a right to elect your own representatives with power to influence decisions about your work
Uber believes that this innovative new model will both protect drivers’ ability to work on their own terms, while maintaining the flexibility you’ve come to depend on. But to make this possible, California needs to update the law!

Lawmakers need to hear that flexible work is important to you. Sign the petition below and visit our website to show your support and hear from other drivers about why they want to keep their flexibility.
Sign the petition


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They're seeing the writing on the wall and know this is their last chance. They're trying to persuade drivers to support them, even if it's against driver's best interests. Lyft sent an email today too.

Personally, I'm not liking the idea of being an employee at all, but something has to give! My concern is that if AB-5 is badly written (it's still very subject to amendment), we're going to get screwed no matter which way it comes down - employee or IC!

U phoria

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Just another play on words taking advantage of the fact most drivers don’t speak the best English

$21 hr while on a trip is an insult, they are going to do what lyft is doing and cut the rates and make it from the time you accept the ride.

You won’t make anything while waiting online, also they are saying they will provide “access” to benefits like sick time etc.

Probably an insurance policy you have to pay for.

Also no work Comp etc etc, still a 1099 contractor, if they have to pay like an employer they are sunk and they know it.


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Why would we want $21/hr when the bill is saying $24/hr (2x min wage), more in local geos where minimum wage is higher?

BTW, does anyone know if NYC minimum pay is based on the time the driver is online and waiting for pings, starting when a ping is accepted and they're enroute, or just while a pax is in the car?

Wouldn't it be nice if we had to get a minimum pay while we're online and waiting!


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Your access to flexible work could be at risk
Don't be FOOLED by U/L's flexibility argument! It's an appeal to fear.
They're trying to create support for their side (exemption from AB5) by attempting to increase fear towards what they argue is the alternative, no flexibility. It's a bunch of nonsense.
If U/L gets everything they want, drivers will see very little change! Don't sign the petitions they just emailed you!


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Why would ANYONE trust these guys to do any of this. Lyft sent out a similar letter today threatening drivers that "hundreds of thousands" of drivers would be "offboarded" if AB5 passed. It's ridiculous. Call Governor Newsom's office and tell them you support AB5. 916-445-2841


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“Approximately $21/hr when driving a passenger”.

They wanna pro-rate the pay based on $21/hr ??? idiots
Think about it. The average ant that works reasonably smart should be able to pull in about $16 to $20 /hr gross. (Not talking about expenses or net here.) The crappy ant has to still be pulling $12/hr gross! He's driving with a pax, let's say, 30 mins of each hour, just to be generous. That means, under Uber's concept, he's making that $12 in 1/2 hour, or $24/hr!!

Uber wants to guarantee less money than even the crappiest drivers are making now!!!!!

Wow, they're really trying to help us out, aren't they!!!! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Who falls for this crap??????


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NYC has so many drivers and the city is so condensed, that they don’t have to drive more than a minute to get to their pax.
I don't know about that.
But notice the $0.49 per minute rate for UberX. This very high time rate is suppose to help drivers meet the $27.86 minimum wage there.
With that rate, you make about $30 just on time only if you drive a pax for an hour.


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Wouldn't it be nice if we had to get a minimum pay while we're online and waiting!
Actually NO.
There are no other companies who are required to pay an hourly rate and have no say when an EE/IC can work.
Think about...If you were running U/L what would be your solution to drivers sitting in dead areas/times to scam the system?
The answer is they would restrict your access to be able to log on.
The former surge map would become a demand map.
Try to log on and you would get a message:
"At the current time there is not enough demand to allow you to log onto the system. Please move to an area with more demand or try back in 15 minutes."