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Verizon & Iphone 5 -- Application & Voice issues

Don Oldenburg

Active Member
Okay -- have a buddy I brought in on UBER -- and he's doing well. However, he has an Iphone 5, and with Verizon. He tells me he can't get voice and data at the same time. And when he calls a passenger, or takes a call... his application locks up. He basically has to call the pax, and once done, he re-starts uber app to re-establish data so he can pickup and drop off his ride. If he doesn't reset UBER after every phone call -- he's disconnected from UBER's network and won't get any new pings until he resets uber.

Anyone have any suggestions? He can't upgrade yet, or atleast it's very expensive for him to do so. I suggested getting a MiFi hot spot from verizon to see if that helps -- but not sure how reliable those are -- I did confirm if he's on his home network he can talk and atleast go online and offline with uber -- so I assume a hot spot would solve his problem.

Other suggestions were "turn on HD VOICE" -- but I don't see options for that in iphone 5... Or, forward his phone to a google number, and use his google VOIP to do phone over his network..

Thoughts? Solutions?

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