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Vehicle set up?


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Has anyone got a particular set up they would like to share? I have a 6 foot charger cable leading to the back, a small cooler with water and granola bars (I eat most of those), and neons running along the sides of the interior, both inside and out that I toggle on and off (that's mostly for me and the party crowd).


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I have my cellphone mounted to the left(so pax cant look or touch it)
1 tablet for Uber at the front and 1 small tablet at the back for music(Spotify Connect). I still have control of the music on my cellphone.

I use this setup because I drive XL only with a Kia Rondo and it keeps the pax busy.

ATX 22

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No water, no snacks. I'll load and unload the trunk. Don't bring food, have drinks with resealable lids or no drinks. Don't touch my radio or my phone.
At 1/3 the cost of a cab, this is a no frills ride. Screw what the party crowd wants, this is still my car and my rules.
You newbies will learn soon enough.


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I've actually not had a bad experience. I've cancelled a ride when I realized that pax was gonna blow my chill. Once when a chick was smoking a joint as she walked up to the car, I just pulled off. I don't mind toking every so often. But I gotta have others in there too. Can't have it stink all the time.