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Vehicle Requirements (Worn/Stained seats)


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Alright, everyone in this thread just got a free trip to Brisbane...the forum.

@Ralph80 hopefully you’ll receive the information you seek relevant to your territory.
Hey when I initially responded, this thread was under "Vehicles" not a city specific forum or else I would never responded. LoL
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3.8 was probably the best V6 GM designed.

The Statesman looked nice to me. We got it as a police car, and the Camero was based off it.

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What a beauty 6.0 LS motor 355 horsepower
Has some parallels to my Senator (6.2L LSA 540 horsies). I was once asked while driving Uber - “how does this thing do for fuel consumption?” to which I responded “lol”.

OP, have you actually gone through the signup process yet? I don’t recall anyone from Uber ever looking at my car to be honest - the Redbook guy did the mechanical, but they don’t look at anything other than the COI requirements. I don’t think they actually check out your car for cosmetics in Brisbane.


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Oh you had more to ask. It is a Holden Barina but this is before the TM model that came out in 2012 so has a bad reputation. The Commodore is our rear wheel drive family sedan but I think it is redesigned to compete with smaller cars now. The 90's models VN, VP are familiar to me and were built well with a 3.8L Buick V6. Generally they are good and component failures were predictable by kilometers travelled.
A certificate of inspection does not involve checking seat condition, and you can get from any registered mechanic who will upload to Dept of Transport direct, please also note car must be 5* Ancap rated