Vehicle registration auto approval issue

I lost current registration card, but since renewal is coming, so I get it renewed. Once renewed, there is no way for DMV to reprint current card for you, however, they can issue you a certification your current registration validity. now it comes the problem, Uber auto registration approval cannot accept either certification document nor renewed registration card with a future start date. I cannot drive the car until renewed start date arrives. Lyft does not have “registration upload” as they trust the sticker on the license plate.


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I just renewed mine, Uber & Lyft been whining about expiration for last few weeks. Took a picture of the page before sticker was pulled off, and sent to both. No problems. Even with oth specifying "blue border" sticker. The pic of page, prior to removing sticker, does not show blue border.

FWIW, my sticker goes on the windshield. At least it is supposed to be put stuck on there. I took pics of page when I got it, and I cut down a heavy duty sheet protector (claims no yellowing) and stick the sticker inside of that. Sheet protector is then taped inside the windshield. Royal PITA to get replacement registration when windshield is changed. Same goes for toll tags, Houston Airport b.s. sticker, etc.
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Forgot to mention. Uber approved later that day (evening) and Lyft was next day. Pic was uploaded through app.