Vehicle options in Montreal


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I want to ask you some questions for Uber Montreal
1- do Uper except hatchback cars?
2- do Uper except Kia rio or Chrysler PT Cruiser Berline?
3- what is mean by A solid roof, is it mean no opening in the roof?
4- is Frensh language test requirment in Montreal?
5- do you knew link or resource can share or rent Uber vehile?
6- do you knew any phone no. to ask Uber Montreal about any details?

Thanks alot


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- Hatchbacks are fine
- Yes but not recommend PT Ugly looking car means low rating.
- Sunroof is fine they mean not a cabriolet
- Yes basic French test in Uber center. With riders not necessary at all .
- Kijiji get 2010 one will be good for experiment for 2.5 years.
- Just go to Uber center but everything is clear though


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Kia Rio is accepted, I believe the only restriction is that is must be 4 doors. So hatchback with 2 doors would not be accepted but the 5 doors model would.