Vehicle Inspections

Blue Car

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I've been driving for Uber for a few weeks and am going to be driving for Lyft too. Took my car to Pep Boys on Jordan Lane for my Uber inspection. Passed. Took it back to them *the next week* for my Lyft inspection. FAILED. They said I needed 2 new tires, and it turned out I did. They tried to blow the situation off, and when I pressed the "what's wrong with this picture" angle, they said the employee who had done my first inspection had been fired. I agreed to get my tires from them if they wouldn't charge me for the 2nd inspection. They put the new tires on the rear, and I have front wheel drive. I didn't push it since the front tires are pretty new. Just wanted to get out of there. What the heck!

Cliff Loehr

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I had a similar issue... Had a nail in the outer edge of the tread. Apparently only the inner 50% of the tread area is fixable, and the outer 25% as considered the "side wall" and therefore unfixable. I drove home, pulled out the nail, plugged it, and came back... Passed!