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I have been getting harassed by email about my vehicle inspection. Have any of you guys gotten this done? If so where did you get it done?


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Me too! Funny thing, they offer you the inspection if you wait beyond the limit they tell you. And you still can drive.

Here's the email.


We aim to offer the safest rides to riders. We require all driver partners to complete a vehicle inspection within 30 days of being activated.
Partners that do not complete their vehicle inspection within 30 days will see their account temporarily deactivated.

We've notified you several times about the inspection of your vehicle and this is our last chance before we proceed with its deactivation.

To help you complete your vehicle inspection, we are offering you a one-time reimbursement (up to $20) if you complete your vehicle inspection before August 22nd 5pm.

You can complete your vehicle inspection with the garage of your choice or you can contact one of our partner garages, they'll offer their services at an affordable price (click below for more details on our partner garages).


I done on April. As mentioned Alta Midas is partner with uber .just Google near location you. Forget about promation or kind offers they sending you it is just business thing . It is good idea to do as safety first . You never know your brake works properly. Is done around 30 dollar that time I am not sure right now.


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It is 20$ +2$ of supply fee at Midas. They have a partnership with Uber so I think it is cheaper. But I personally don't trust Uber a lot. I read some story about Midas exaggerating problems so you don't pass and make you feels that you have to repair your car over there.

If you have a garage that you trust, go over there.


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So Alta, how much was your inspection? My car is a 2014 brand new car. My brakes work fine.


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What Blaiser said ($20 ish) for my 2008 and I managed to sneak through without any issues that needed repair.

EDIT to note the one on Stony Plain Rd was very nice to do some extra work to try and get my car passed without issue. My middle back seatbelt which rarely gets used apparently didn't lock well enough with their pull test. I convinced them to try a road test with quick stops and it passed so I avoided a potential 200-500 bill.


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Update for anyone looking for inspection options.
I have serviced my vehicle at various KAL Tire locations in Edmonton for several years.
I like dropping in to get tire issue fixed for free, etc.
I tried the new location in NW Edmonton (167 Ave and 127 St) yesterday.

For $90 I had the annual inspection done as part of my oil change and service.
They normally include an inspection but the Manager (Scott) said he could substitute their normal inspection procedures for the Uber Vehicle Inspection Report.

Being new location they are not that busy yet.
If you go tell them Eric referred you for the Uber inspection deal.


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Beware: I went to Uber's recommended place (I won't slander). They failed me for a cracked windshield (not even a 2yr old vehicle).. and even though I had it replaced and brought it back within 3 hrs (same day) they attempted to make me pay again for a second inspection. This was per the store manager! Although I had been assured from another manager it wouldn't be a problem. Anyway got it worked out and only paid once ($40)
I will recommend Jeff's Auto glass if you need to replace yours. They are 5 star.