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Vantrue N2 Pro Keeps Failing At Critical Moments


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So I really like having a dash cam and while I feel that it’s mere presence has seemingly alleviated a lot of potential issues, I do still get the occasional piece of #%^* that just doesn’t see it or absolutely doesn’t care that it’s there. Due in part to the suggestions from this very forum and it’s overwhelmingly positive reviews I went ahead and purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro and for the longest time it felt like an excellent purchase.

But then I got pulled over by a lying cop. I reported it here, but when I went to get the video I found it had cut out after 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

And then I got harassed by a drunk pax who was trying really hard to give me a kiss. I reported it here, but my video cut out minutes earlier.

And then I threw out an entitled pax. I reported it here, but my video had reset to 2017 and it deleted the video “years” earlier.

And now I got assaulted, not battered, by a pax who’s girlfriend held him back inches from laying a finger on me. I reported it here, over in the Stories forum, but once again my video cut out after 2 minutes and 6 seconds.

There is something very wrong with this camera. It seems to always fail when there’s a serious need for it to be working. It seems to willy-nilly pick and choose when it wants to record and how much it wants to save. Looking through the files I’ve got I see that there’s hardly any from today. It got some of this ride but it cut out before the pax became violent, aggressive or even rude.

And I really have no reason to identify why it happens... Sometimes it cuts out while I’m driving. Sometimes it cuts out while I’m sitting still. Sometimes it cuts out after a “locked” file is saved. Sometimes it resets the clock and cuts out everything! But I don’t know why.

What I do know is if I can’t fix it I’ll have to replace it.
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I feel like it has to do with the memory card you’re using. Are you using a high endurance memory card or are you using the cheapest one you can find?


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Memory card is important.

You need to clear out every week, go home on your home comp or decent laptop and erase everything (or xfer).

Using above 32g cards necessitate the above. Always check time and date before doing a shift. This will tell you if something is off usually. If stopped by the police etc turn the car key one click rotation to keep power on but engine off.

Good luck.


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I have the same camera and haven't had the problem you described. Are you running the latest firmware? Also, as others have mentioned, perhaps the memory card is having trouble.

The card I'm using is the Samsung Evo Select 256GB.

I also re-format the card in the camera every time after I transfer the data to my computer.


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#1 Update the firmware on the camera to the newest version. Firmware and instructions can be found at Vanpro website. It is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

#2 Get the Samsung Evo Select 256GB card mentioned above it is worth the price in my opinion. Format it from the camera.

I have yet to loose any footage. I have two cards and swap them out every few days to transfer data from card so none is lost by being over written from newer files.