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Valdosta, GA


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It could be better. There are too many drivers. Last count around 50. The idiots wont listen and stay away from remerton to create surges. Lyft just staeted here 2 weeks ago and there is only about 5 drivers right now


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We have had surges. 2.5 is the biggest I've seen. I had a 1.7 early last night when the kids were going out. But at bar closing time if you look at the map it looks like a roach race at remerton everybody just sits out there and waits for the Ping. Last night most of my stuff was away from remerton going to restaurants downtown or taking people back up to the base.


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Well Hello
Been Driving the Valdosta and surrounding area for the last 6 weeks.
The airport generates some decent business, but I am finding a lot of my trips are extended runs.
Pick up in Valdosta to Tifton, 40 miles away, with an empty drive back 🥺
Or Valdosta to Wild Adventure Park, 20 miles away, but every now and then I luck out and possibly get a trucker at the Pilot or Flying J.

The bus station was busy last Saturday as all the College kids left for spring break. This Saturday Had a lot of business out of the Air force Base. This is an active area!


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After driving in Valdosta for a couple of months, a few observations:
1. Uber should not be your full-time only source of income. You will starve here if it is.
2. Most customers are pretty nice. However, when a customer starts talking about how they are going to tip you or "make it worth your while" since you added a stop for them, just forget about it--you'll never see a tip. The people who tip are the ones who don't talk about it.
3. I am not trying to be a bigot, but it cannot be denied: Almost every time I have had to wait 5 minutes or longer, it has been from a member of a particular ethnic group. I'll just call them democrats. And they can ruin your rating with one trip. Once in a while you will pick up a democrat who just doesn't like white people and no matter how pleasant you try to be, they will not talk to you and then they will shoot you down with a 1-star rating. The majority of the time it will be a female democrat.
4. I always give my customers five stars unless they do something really egregious. It would be nice if they showed us the same courtesy.