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Have you heard of UZURV yet? If we get 30 drivers to signup, they'll turn it on in Indianapolis.

It's reservation system between drivers and pax. Only the drivers who signup in the pool get the opportunity to take the reservation.

Say I want to take a ride to the airport at 4:00 a.m. on Monday. I send out a request via the UZURV app and it goes out to all of us to see if anyone wants to take it. The first one who responds gets the ride. The pax also can create a list of favorites to choose from so their list won't be as large to whom the request goes to. When the trip needs to start, the pax then pings the driver via the Lyft or Uber app to start the ride like normal.

For concerts, special events or the airport where there is a large crowd, there's chat feature within the UZURV app to tell the pax to set their pick up point at a certain spot where you'll be sitting so that you get the ping. For example, out at the airport, tell them to set their pickup spot to the Crown Plaza at the airport and not the Ground Transportation Center so you get the ping when they come in. You'll be sitting at the Crown Plaza.

Roger in Canton

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Sounds interesting. ...... the request would have to be close to your home base, and while you're not already Ubering. I did something similar to pickup my son at the airport. I had to turn off my app 1 or 2 hours before his arrival to make sure I didn't get thrown too far away from airport. Then he got in vehicle before requesting. It would have to be a long enough ride to make it worth while.