Using Lyft & Uber platforms simultaneously

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I remember watching a video on utube about using both at the same time. However, I forget wether it's best to have uber or Lyft as the main app.. In other words, how can we be sure we are hearing or seeing pings from both. Advice welcomed and thanks in advance..


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Just make sure you sign off from the other platform once you get the request from either or. I've had it also where both started going off at the same time, and in that case you have to chose your poison. Decide, which do you like better Lyft or Uber?
This is true. I usually go with Lyft because they tend to be longer rides and people generally tip on Lyft, with Uber not so much.

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LG4. Always have to remember to turn the volume up with lyft when I start my day, cause normally I leave it off.
Uber needs to be up front cause of the 10 minute logoff. But a lot of times the rider app is up front. But mine does a drop down menu asking to logoff or stay online, think I get about 5 or 10 seconds to decide. Which I thought is a cool thing.

Now like today , get a uber request, it's at Winco, hmm... smells like a short trip. Then right after get a lyft at the Mall could be a short trip but no telling. Winco a guy, mall a girl. uber cancel. Lyft txts me saying there by the bus stop. ok potencial for a longer trip which it was.

Yeah mine has the split screen but only works with pre installed apps. but I guess if rooted will take care of that. However the windows are in a cascade mode so just tap the one you want upfront.

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And this happened. Picked an uber then a lyft request. Dam forgot to turn lyft off again. Well he'll have to wait. As I'm dropping off he calls, told him I got side tracked and I'll be there right away. Turns out I had him once b4 a long time ago and took him the back way to south Corona. After picking him up I "sort of" explain what happened but never mentioned uber. I look at the daily driver summary and here is the 5* comment he left. :rolleyes::smiles::biggrin:

"He was a little late in picking me up. Apparently, even though there were multiple drivers around my area, he got my ride request after he had just accepted another pick up. So I had to wait 4-5 minutes than the given estimate for him to come get me. Not really his fault, more of an issue on Lyft's end."

So glad there's no poo out here as both pick ups were close and the destinations were the same. Not to mention dodging a bullet.