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Using destination at airports now resets your position in queue

xl HeiZ lx

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Wow. Just when I thought uber couldn't make it's airport queue any more inefficient, they go and do this, and completely make me reevaluate my driving tenure with them. I have been doing primarily airport rides for the last 6 months. About three months ago, I figured out that if you set a destination while at the airport, that it would keep you in queue and would continue to count down until you were up next for a ride. However, it wouldn't find you a ride until you removed it, thus allowing you to do a ride when you were ready for it. Well, after being away on vaycay for the last week, I come back to my local airport (BWI), and when I was up to 6th in queue, I put destination on so I could finish cleaning my car, and when I got back in the car to head to the terminal, I was completely taken out of queue, with destination still on. When I turned destination off, it placed me at the end of queue at 128. Are you @@@@ing kidding me uber? That was the LAST thing you should have EVER changed. I have a whole list of improvements they could have made to make it easier for drivers to get rides quicker. But this was never on the list. What a joke. I'm out of here. I can't wait, I'm moving to Denver at the end of the month from Baltimore and I can't wait. MD is a dump, but baltimore is the epicenter of this cesspool of a state. Has anyone else noticed this change, that uber just so happen to forget to mention in their most recent update?


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They just like to find all the tricks drivers use and disable them. Pretty sure turning off requests if you take pool rides will eventually be next.


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So you could set a destination at the airport, be first, and only get rides towards the destination you set. And if you set it to the airport itself, it would guarantee that you get no rides because no one goes right back to the airport


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I don't participate in airport queues, but there's nothing wrong with accepting a ride and not heading out immediately. If you need a few minutes to straighten up the car, do it. I bet Airport pax are so worn out by the hell that is airline travel that they aren't going to notice your car not moving for a few minutes, let alone cancel and extend their wait time even further.