Using an external bluetooth gps provider for uber

Salman Muhammad

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Hi folks, I am an uber delivery partner amd have been having my fair share of navugation problems especially while surrounded by tall buildings in melbourne's central business district. I thought of using an external gps provider such as garmin glo but for that in android i have to turn on mock locations and uber does not like that setting. I contacted uber support twice but i was not able to make it clear to them what I actually wanted to ask. Hoping you good people here can help me out. Is there a way to use an external gps provider with an android device (samsung galaxy s6 edge) for uber deliveries? The same question stands for apple devices aswell. Thanks in advance and best regards :smiles:

Salman Muhammad

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Are you using Google maps? In settings you can select Google maps or waze
Thanks for your reply however i knew it and im using google maps. But the problem is that the gps chip in my device is weak and i was hoping i could use a blueooth gps provider.


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In that case it would probably be better and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble if you just get a new phone