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Upfront fares?


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Is Calgary like Edmonton where the upfront fare is based on shortest distance but uber app & google maps suggest you take a shorter time trip that is longer distance?

In Edmonton I call that getting "Henday'd"


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Keep an eye on your rides. I had a rider last night tip me $10 while sitting in my from seat via pax app. It never showed on my end. What did show was a large service charge for Uber and I got $6 for a $20 fare charged to the rider. Looking at the same route on the pax app it was a $10 ride. After going back and forth with Uber via support messages with redundant auto responses they finally gave me my tip from their inflated service charge.

It took a few more emails to actually see it happen but they did give it to me.

They also gave me a $1 tip that wasn't showing up also that I wasn't even aware of.

Sorry if this has been plastered on here already just want to be sure we're not missing out on our in app tips!