Upfront cash premium negotiation techniques


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Do you negotiate price if it appeared to be long trip with low chance for return pickups? Can you share the BKMs?

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With uber/lyft you need to just cancel..

You run the risk of..
A. having the customer report you for "extorting them"
B. having the customer tell support they never got the ride and scamming you of the entire trip
c. having them tell support that they paid you cash, and getting a refund off the cash amount.

A. $100 through uber, nothing more, you get deactivated (total $100 and you lose your job)
B. $100- MINUS $100 after you drop them off ($0 total)
C. $100 + $50 -$200 after they scam support (total $-50) (YES scamming you for more than they paid you)

Your best bet is to just say no.


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Uber rules allow you to negotiate return trip fees. I have posted this elsewhere, but I'll do it again:

Me: '' Good morning. *swiping ap* Oh, I see we're going to San Francisco. Great. You need to know that there is a 'return trip surcharge' for out of town trips. I charge fifty cents per mile. San Francisco is about 200 miles away so that would be a $100 cash fee, up front before we leave town. Do we need to go to an ATM?''
I let this sink in for awhile. I usually get a blank stare as they consider ...
I go on to say: ''You don't have to pay this. If you wish, I will cancel the ride with no charge to you and you can try another driver. Up to you.''

At this point I get a couple of questions.
Pax: Is this ok with Uber?
Answer: Yes. We are allowed to negotiate return trip fees.
Pax: I thought it was all-inclusive.
Me: No, its not. The amount Uber quoted you was for the trip TO the destination. I have additional costs. Wear and tear on the car and me, gas, my three hours behind the wheel to get home ... these are all costs that Uber doesn't charge for in the initial trip fees that they charge.
Pax: Can I just tip you on the ap?
Me: No. Uber won't allow a 'tip' of that size.
Pax; Can't I just pay you when we get there.
Me: No. Believe it or not, some people lie. They will promise a payment, then just walk away at the end of the ride - then there I am, stuck 200 miles from home. We need to take care of it before we leave town.

If they get pissed, or attitude starts showing up ... I canx RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, and wish them the best of luck. Remember, you're going to spend three hours with the ass-hat in a small cabin.

A one star rating? I really don't give a husky @@@@ about that. Can't spend those stars.
Four out of five will pay the fee. One of those four will negotiate the fifty cents a mile rate, and I will give a little on that, but not much.

This is what I do, and have successfully done many times.


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This approach is more inline with my understanding of how it can be ever profitable.