Updated List of Markets Where UberX Commission For New Drivers Is 25% Or 28%


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San Francisco
Since 09/02/14

In fact, Uber might have retroactively jacked up the commission to 25% for All Drivers, even those who started at 20% before 09/02/14.

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California reporting
20% or 25%?? When I started with Uber about a year ago they took 20%, now they are taking 25%. I think I should be "grandfathered in" at 20%. Any thoughts?

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They complain about driver retention problems, but jack up what they take from the drivers.

The rumour here is that new drivers are paying twenty-five per-cent, but I am still trying to confirm that. The jack-up in the "Safe Ride Fee" is something that I expect, as well.


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I just rec'd first check last week w/$3.10 taken out for Passenger fee. Going back to look at contract.

<EDIT: SRF was $3.10 - $1.55 per rider. I paid UBER 20.6% on fares.>
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I was activated on 8/17/2015 and I pay 20% in Savannah.
Thank you for confirming that New Drivers in Savannah are still at 20% commission.

The subject of New Drivers in many markets paying 25% commission is being looked in detail at by a reporter. I started this thread for the benefit of this reporter since Uber is not being forthcoming with this info.

New Drivers from other markets please confirm here if you are also paying 25% or 20 % commission, after deduction of $1/Ride Safe Rides Fee.


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Some numbers of mine from last night:

Surge fare
Fare: 10.29 + 11.32 = 21.61
My cut: 16.21 (75%)
Uber fee: 5.40

Non surge fares
Fare: 18.87
My cut: 14.15 (75%)
Uber fee: 4.72

Fare: 7.45
My cut: 5.59 (75%)
Uber fee: 1.86

Fare: 8.26
My cut: 6.20 (75%)
Uber fee: 2.06

Yep, confirmed that Uber is taking 25%

I had a couple ask me, "Don't you guys make a lot of money!? Don't you get like 90% of the fare?"!

Me: No, I wish - that would be nice! We actually get 75% and still have to pay gas costs and wear & tear.


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Uber Raises UberX Commission To 25 Percent In Five More Markets

New drivers may not even know that they’re getting a worse deal than the people driving on the same streets as them. When Uber started testing a 30% commission, Luke, a San Francisco driver, told FORBES he didn’t realize his handicap until Uber texted him that he was close to getting enough rides to move to a 25% commission for the week. (The system is tiered.)

“I was confused — I thought it was 20%,” said Luke, who didn’t want to give his full name for fear of retaliation from Uber. “I started looking online and everywhere I saw said 20%, so I was like, ‘What’s going on?’”
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