Update to driving to Newark airport and Penn station!


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Newark's chief prosecutor has warned Uber Technologies Inc. that the company's drivers are repeatedly violating the city's taxicab ordinance, and that those operating at Newark Liberty International Airport and Penn Station in Newark will have their cars towed and face fines.

"I have instructed our police department effective Feb. 22 to immediately tow Uber drivers operating in and around Newark Airport and Newark Penn Station," wrote Evans C. Anyanwu, the city's chief prosecutor, in a letter sent late last month to Salle Yoo, Uber's general counsel in San Francisco.

"After Feb. 22, the continued violation of the city's laws will result in civil and criminal penalties for Uber and its drivers," said the letter, a copy of which was obtained Wednesday by The Record.

Uber said Wednesday it is not backing away from that business, and would not advise drivers, who are independent contractors, to avoid those areas.

"Instead of trying to restrict competition and consumer choice, Newark should be welcoming the thousands of drivers who use Uber to earn income and support their families," said company spokesman Craig Ewer in an e-mail.

"We'll continue to stand by our driver-partners by fully compensating those subject to unjust fines or citations as a result of the city's actions," Ewer said.

The app-based car-for-hire service has been operating largely unregulated in New Jersey for a couple of years and says it has about 15,000 independent contractor drivers in the state. Limousine and taxi drivers in Newark and elsewhere in New Jersey complain that Uber drivers are not properly licensed or insured.

Uber said it provides $1.5 million in commercial liability insurance for drivers in New Jersey, which is the amount required under a state limousine law.

However, the state Department of Banking and Insurance has warned consumers and those who drive for app-based car-for-hire companies that such coverage has not been tested in the courts.



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Everyone that can read English knows. LOL
Only those that actually watch TV news or listen to talk radio or read online forums know. As we all know, there are still drivers driving at EWR for peanuts, proof that many are %100 clueless. As has been said here before, many do not even know what the rate is that their driving at!


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They still have a week. hahaha

In effect starting Feb 22nd.
It's gonna be like shooting fish in a barrel for the Newark PD on the 22nd. I'd be willing to bet the idiots driving there now for $.85 will be the same ones getting ticketed and towed. Just as illegal today as it will be on the 22nd. I do get your sarcasm, btw.


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I'm half tempted to just go to EWR on the 22nd and park my car app off and watch what goes on, it should be interesting. I wish I had a towing business in Newark, they are going to need lots of trucks to clean up this mess.


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I wish I could get commission for setting up uber drivers with the popo. I would make so much money at ewr and the penn station. 5 bucks a pop, that's all I'm asking for. Maybe I'll email newark and offer my services.
Do you think for a second they need your help identifying uber drivers? They know how to do their job.


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I saw them towing cars on Friday and Saturday from the east side of Penn.
I didn't know it was on again and dropped a passenger off right in front of a unmarked police car.
i was lucky and ran like hell to kearny .
unmarked cars were in front and side..
After that i google uber Newark and seen it was still on...Not worth it for me.

mona mcN

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I think uber will be threatening drivers with de-activation if the drivers refuse to pickup/drop off at the Penn. Uber will call it destination discrimination. But I thought uber was just an app and the drivers can refuse and accept any trips ?? Ahhh uber deceptions.