Update: Service animal allergy dispute airlines


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I was on a Southwest flight once and they had been warned someone with a peanut allergy was boarding and we had to have pretzels instead.

Anyway, my point is she did not provide documentation stating her medical condition. Unlike Uber, airlines don't just take someone's word on something. They like proof.

If you are that allergic to something I would have to believe that you would take the time to inform someone prior to your boarding. If you don't then you deserve to be dragged off the plane.
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She tried to keep it real instead of STFU and moving on with her day. Good thing her decision to keep it real didn't have repercusions for other people. Idioti people can't seem to calm down and solve situations in beneficial way for everyone. You try to keep it real and you will get the attention of the head honchos, the people who you and I should fear, and the top dogs will keep it realler. Just like this skit from dave chappelle.

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