Update on Partner app


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Thoughts on the latest app updates? Seems ridiculous how often we get format changes. At least they brought passenger name back to the front.

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Only did 3 trips today. Didn't notice that.

My main concern is the start trip beening green. Still no pax rating during the trip but that one I can live with. But I do wish the border on previous trip was just a pixel wide. Or gone altogether. And I want the count down clock back after I have arrived.
I had this old lady trippin on me the other day for not being able to tell her what her rating was, it was wrong in so many ways. Count down clock though eh, before my time, why would they take that away

Amsoil Uber Connect

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So we wait longer. I wait an extra minute just to make sure I get the 5.

Its generally not a good idea to bring up ratings, even though I did do a 3.0 trip. One of those she said they canceled cause she kept them waiting over 5 minutes. I really wanted to cancel but I was already half way there. Said this was her 4th trip and thought it was funny but I could see she was a nice sweet girl so helped her and taught her a few things about ratings and cancel fees.