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Up front price is not always true.


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I used to ba a driver for Uber.

I had to drop off my car to be repaired and took an Uber home, short trip $7.11

Then when I went to pick it up the driver worked part time for the McDonald's owner where my car was broken down and he remembered me so we started talking.

I had only been to this shop once and thought it was past the next major intersection so where he was turning I told him it was not there and I would show him the way, we drove about an extra mile when I realized I was wrong so we had to drive back an extra mile to get to the shop. Upfront i was charged $7.11 or I forget the amount, but when I look back at the trip I was actually charged $10.78.

If Uber had actually charged the upfront pricing they would have eaten the difference and paid the driver a bigger portion of the $7.11. So they don't lose out, they charge for distance and time driven.