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UP forums wants Uber, and it's drivers, to just go away.

Discussion in 'Advocacy' started by The D.A.G., Nov 24, 2016.

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  1. The D.A.G.

    The D.A.G. Member

    Good day, sir!
  2. Steve Humes

    Steve Humes New Member

    Philadelphia, PA
    Uber is a master at keeping organizations in check. Look at the arbitration policy. It forces everyone to act individually. As for your thoughts on regulating Uber at the city, or state, level. Forget about it, with the money Uber has to sling at political opposition to any regulation you lose before you begin. However, there are certain ways to get at Uber using federal agencies.

    1. IRS: There is a form called SS-7 which is used by an individual to ask the IRS to make a determination on his/her status as an employee or contractor. If this form is filled out properly then the person seeking an employee status will have over a 90% chance of being granted it. The cost of this is (FREE) and once the IRS grants you employee status then every state is bound, by law (federal laws trump state laws) to recognize you as an employee. your federal taxes are less, if you were injured driving for Uber you can file workers comp in your state, and you can seek unemployment if you were fired due to false rider reviews. There is a new company called 1099 driver Advocate that helps people fill out these SS-7 forms.

    2. Vomit, Urine, Feces: If there is a rider incident in your backseat then there is also a new company that is asking rideshare drivers to have their cars cleaned to OSHA biohazard standards. Vomit, Urine, Feces is treated by the CDC and OSHA as certified biohazard incidents. This company, Zyxtor cleaning, is charging up to $10,000 to do the cleaning, the OSHA biohazard reporting, and invoice the rider. Uber can't do a damn thing about this. This is FEDERAL LAW. The rider must submit to blood testing and see a doctor to review their medical history of communicable diseases.

    The message I am saying is don't go after the deep pocketed Uber. go after the rider, or let the IRS do your battle for you.
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