Unusual results yesterday

Mista T

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Nothing exciting here... Just posting between requests...

Normally my U/L ratio is 50/50 or 60/40 in favor of Uber. Last night I did 12 Uber and 22 Lyft. Rather unusual.

The % of pax that tip me (either cash or in app combined) is usually 25-40% on Uber and usually 33-50% on Lyft. My Lyft tippers were 12/22, but my Uber tippers were only 1/12. Odd.


I did get a passenger telling me about how they were super happy that Lyft was increasing the time rate and how great that must be for drivers. She said she got that info in an Email where Lyft said in doing so they'd have to increase PAX rates. She was shocked when I explained how the corresponding decrease in our per mile pay basically meant it was all BS on the part of Lyft (and Uber in their corresponding move) to increase their revenue. So there might very well be plenty of PAX out there who believe BS about "adjustments."