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Unused DF Rollover?

Discussion in 'San Francisco' started by Rickshaw, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Will we ever have daily or weekly unused DF carryover?

    Costs them nothing but it will alleviate some driver frustration, anger and antagonism.
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  2. uber87j


    San Francisco
    Great idea.
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  3. Oop! Sorry, posted it while dreaming.

    Just woke up from a short nap.
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  4. I’d just like the DF’s we already have to consistently work within SF.
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  5. Too much DF is not good :( I remember when 6 were introduced , after a few days my earnings had dropped by 40%

    Not only did it kill our cherry picking ways it also brought in many more drivers into the city.
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  6. I like you guys. How about trading 2 of my batches for 1 of your DFs? Can we have that flexibility?
  7. Batches? We don't need no stinking batches.
  8. Dara will begin rewarding good rides to drivers with huge numbers of batches. Better stock up now.

    Batches of great value: "Great Amenities", "Awesome Music", and of course, "Entertaining Driver".

    On the last one: it is now a must that you are an entertainer, and not just a driver. They pay you $3.75 for that.
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  9. Blue Poodle

    Blue Poodle

    I'm horrible at poker, but a DF probably is a type of play style in it.
  10. My badge collection keeps growing, but I need more than 2. Give me 3 ‘awesome music’ and 1 ‘above and beyond’ and I’ll give you 1 DF and 1 note of my choice.

    Badges are going to be the new Crypto currency, I’m going to be rich!
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  11. Ouch ! You are out there giving free therapy. are they tipping you ?
  12. I’m a friendly and talkative person. I’ve had some great convos in my car and for me, it makes the drives go faster. But yes, sometimes it’s very much therapy as pax talk about the craziest of things.

    Some tips, but not nearly where they should be and usually from pax I’d least expect them from. I’m at $62 in app for the week and another $25 in cash
  13. I used to like talking to people but now I generally don’t want to , every time they talk they say something stupid or I do !!

    I’m at 22$ lol 10$ from a single pax , I can’t recall the last time I missed a turn or did one of those harsh braking things .

    All that stopped immediately I stopped talking to pax , way easier to drive if I don’t have to talk to them.
  14. Basically, “180 Days of Change” was the worst thing that ever happened to us.


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