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Unlimited Car Washes


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Quick & Clean $14.95 mo Nellis & DI.

You get an RFD tag so quick in and out.

Free vacs.
If you have a new car, or a decent car finish, don't let the automatic rotary brush clean your car, they are very harsh on your clear coat, and it will create major swirl marks on your top coat and or will damage your clear coat with continous use.

That is a very good deal! though, but at $14 a pop really goes a long way if my daily take home pay is below $12/hr during that week/month. I'll probably take my car there when it is way to cold or to way too hot to clean my car.


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Do it yourself, use the best quality supplies, pamper your ride, then pamper your riders, then reward yourself! Your resale value will be better for it.
Passed by Terrible's on Tropicana & Ft. Apache (1/4 mile from Walmart) yesterday and noticed a banner for $14.95/unlimited car washes in a month.