Univ of So Carolina victim


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So was this perp an Uber driver or what? Why hasn't Uber disavowed this alleged killer?

South Carolina man charged with kidnapping and murder of University of South Carolina student


leroy jenkins

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This is victim blaming and not PC and I don't care.

Don't be a victim. Don't be an idiot. Don't let your friend be an idiot whether it's 2am or 2pm.

Preaching to the choir here though cuz 99% of people here have street smarts and know that humans can be nasty animals---whether it's something criminal or something disrespectful like puking in someone else's car.

If there was some common sense in that victim or among the friends to confirm the license plate and that person would still be alive today.

This PC BS of "don't say insensitive things" "don't victim blame" is literally costing people their lives.

Watch for nation-wide emblems (even though doesn't take any effort to forge a Uber logo) and more nanny state regulations because riders are stupid.

Victim's family was lucky that the body was found. it sounds like it was found because of sheer luck and a lazy perp who didn't dig a deep grave.
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Atleast in Chicago market I have noticed pax doing the right thing more often than not..

Pull up to the clubs off franklin last night at around 2 a.m. “picking up Emma” no big deal.
I get 3 different groups of people trying to just grab my door handles and get in my car as it was locked. Finally I get the Emma I was waiting in traffic for. Single pax no passengers! How lucky! Not only that she was sober, but going to old town off wells which is another cluster @@@@. But I simply waiting for her to walk around the back of my car and verify my plate before she even attempted to speak to me through my window being 3 inches down. As I ask her name before I unlock the doors.


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On Saturday of St. Patty's weekend, I got dragged out to the west burbs. Got a pick up at 1am somewhere in Lisle. I'm waiting on "Amy" and some dude is trying to get into my car. He is drunk as hell and then he starts arguing with "Amy" telling her this is HIS Uber. So now I have to get out and explain to the drunk dude that I'm not Enrique. Meanwhile my doors are locked. I let her in on the driver side and go on our way. She tips me $20 cash.