Underage minor complaint

William Fenton

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Uber called me today and told me my acct has been put on standby because a complaint was filed that i refused to transport someone in a federally protected class.
Turns out the person was an underage kid i refused. I reported him to uber when it happened but i am not able to drive while they investigate.


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That’s unfortunate and a sad reality of this job. You did the right thing by declining this minor but yet get punished because riders can lie and potentially cost you your job. Some of these riders are just flat out losers. Anyone who can makeup a lie that could cost someone else there job and livelihood should be put on trial and have to face jail time in my opinion but Uber will give them a free ride in return for their dishonesty. Don’t ever fell bad that you did the right thing. Your not the problem they are. Like @1.5xorbust said your best chance at getting this decision reversed is to visit the GL hub.

I had a couple of these losers in my car the other day. I pick up these 2 ladys with 2 giant dogs. Give them a 1 mile ride from the tennis club in la jolla to their mansion up the hill. I say nothing the entire ride not a word. Not hi or bye because i think its disrespectful of a rider to not consider someone else’s property. The mom and daughter are having a conversation the entire 5 minute ride. As im 2 blocks away from their house i end the ride early and begin to give her give her a 1 star and mark the boxes named disrespectful and cleanliness. As im doing this the ladies had stopped their conversation and i look in my rear view mirror to see the daughter looking at me giving her a 1 star rating. Ive done this move several times in the past. A 1 star is much more satisfying when they are their to witness you give it to them. They get out of the car and don’t say a word. When i do this move I understand that their going to retaliate with a 1 star and a complaint which I’ll gladly take anyday of the week.

The next morning i get a report from Uber saying a rider said i made discriminatory comments towards their service dog lol. Mind you i said nothing the entire ride. I have a laugh to myself and onto the next ride. I wouldn’t let these lying females get to me at all. Worst thing I can do is let some riders like that affect my day. It took me 5 minutes to clean my backseat of hair and i was on my way. Minor inconvenience. Some drivers will let a ride like that ruin their day and they will head home defeated and with alot less money in their pocket. To me its a good story to post on UP....and man did it feel good to give those ladies a 1 star as their warching me do it. A must try for all drivers.
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LOL this is like Amazon sending emails after my delivery saying I didn't do a good job because I missed some boxes. It's a chance for me to lay into them about how stupid their loads/routes/navigation/lack of gate codes etc. etc. I do feel good after that.


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When you canceled did you mark underage as a reason? That should help you did. Most of the investigation are about 24hours including my one and only. that one came 4th of July weekend 2016 for a false report of suspected of drinking and driving. I hope the best for you and like others have said you know your truth and did the right thing.