Underage girls take Uber ride from Surprise to Phoenix


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SURPRISE, AZ - “I thought her father had maybe had a conversation with her before and she was spending the night with a friend,” said Tesla Collins.

That is until Collins found out the truth about her 14-year-old stepdaughter's night.

That truth was that she and a friend snuck out of the house on Sunday and decided they’d call an Uber to get them across town.

“Just to think any child can, any child, your child, that’s scary,” said Collins.

Scary because according to UBER policy, anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from using their services....
“I just want a reaction from Uber more than anybody,” said Ponte.

ABC15 got that reaction from Uber who said the girls violated their terms of agreement by signing up for the account and ordering the ride. They’ve since banned the girls account and will take appropriate action with the driver who picked them up.

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Just to think a child can do the things that physics allow people to do, like get in cars and pay people to drive them. That's amazing. Who knew? How is this woman a parent? My dad told me he used to hitch hike when he was a teen ager. How is that even possible, asks Collins. I snuck out and drove a car when I was a teenager, and without even having a license. How was that possible, asks Collins.
Next week on ABC, can children see porn on the internet? Is it really visible to them the way it is to the adults, or do child eyes not interface with the screen and they see something else the way we assumed they couldn't use an app and get in a car like an adult? Is it possible?
And who is Ponte?


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Like the guy didn't know she had the Uber app on her phone (using his credit card no doubt) .... blaming someone else for your problem - the American WAY ! Uber should ban his name and account for being an idiot IMO.


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Especially the part that they left the house unnoticed. Although many kids do that, that is on the parents. Kid doesn't sneak out, no uber ride takes place.

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And how does this stuff make the news? That should be an investigative report. If something annoying happens to me, do I just call ABC and they tell the story? I am mystified at how this stuff gets attention.


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I swear I saw somewhere that drivers will get $2 extra each ride for teenagers, in selected cities. But they're taking action against this driver? Ok