Under paid?? I think everyone may have been


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having been a select driver for a little while I've noticed Uber on the rider app says minimum fare $8.30 yet consistently a job around the corner is 5 bucks or less to the driver. So I emailed them and clearly stated I wanted to know how much Uber actually takes from its drivers. Knowing it was 28% for me I already knew the answer. I was kinda shocked to receive this reply stating that I should be getting at least $6 for a minimum fare and distance trip. I wonder how much Uber owes is all in fixing this issue


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You are supposed to get 28% of the fare not including the booking fee. They are doing it correctly here in Raleigh. Either you are figuring in the booking fee or the CSR doesn't realize you are on 28% would be my guess.


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If you also drive for Lyft they'll report earnings exclusive of the booking fee or whatever they call it. Uber just tells you about the booking fee even though it's silly because it has no relevance on your earnings except to get you riled up that you don't get a cut of it.