Unbelievably slow


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Don't accept the first ping. Most likely Cherry Pickers passing a short ride to you. Pick the second ping. Also the last commenter is correct, if I get a ride to Naples I stay there because it's less traffic and still kind of busy.


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You might want to revise your driving strategies. It did slow down but I still do plenty airport and in town rides. I was in the queue today with 1 to 5 drivers ahead of me but after a bad move on the app I got pushed back to end of the queue so I decided to drive back to Naples empty. Got a pax in Bonita on my way and took him to Naples park. 5 minutes later got a select from Ritz Carlton by the beach which took me back to the airport. Now I'm seating in queue with 1 to 5 ahead of me. Should be on my way back to Naples in the next 30 minutes if I'm lucky it will be select. It's to bad you dont like to drive in Naples because that city is still alive. I'll give you some spots where you will get some activity and rides to the airport most days of the week beside Saturday's which is the slowest day of the week in my opinion. Gulf Shore blv, Pelican bay, Lely resort, Naples park
Cheers and good luck!


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If I get a ride from the airport to Naples, I stay there until the traffic lessens. Going back up north on I-75 between 3 to 7 p.m. is a nightmare even in off-season.


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Wow, the transition from high to low/dead season has been intense. Not only at RSW but outside. This looks bad.

Time for RSW to take this from the website now. Airplanes are coming half full, or the cherrypicking is at full throttle.
I think maybe your driving at the wrong times. It’s slowed, but no so much if you split your driving times. Monday and Tuesday are definitely no nos for Southwest Florida but the rest of the week seems to be OK.
It’s almost fun coming up with a challenge of the hours to work and work to go. Naples has a lot of residents now and are always going to need Uber. it’s not like the old days of the entire town shuts down in the off-season.


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I did Naples yesterday while the airport was too crowded. I did some trips and a delivery. I am going back tomorrow. Today I am getting it free