Ultimate guide: how to trick the queue system (XL,LUX,SUV)


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Re post from another forum:

This trick was here for years, but after late app update with the possibility to change the service without going offline made it much easier to use.

1. Get closer to the FIFO zone, but don’t get into it.

2. Turn on all 4 services (X,XL,LUX,SUV), or those that you have with X.

3. Go online and wait 1 minute.

4. Get into the FIFO zone.

5. After the queue number appears - wait and often look at the screen (X line moves very fast), until it gets as close as possible to #1. Try not to be caught by X, otherwise you will need to cancel the ride from either side to take advantage of the preferred service ping.

6. After reaching the desired number in the queue, remove X option from the list of services. At least for the next hour you will be at that position for the services left ON.

7. If you don’t get the ping within first hour, you might get bounced back again and will need to do the whole procedure again. But even if you stay at the bounced position, it will be much harder for others to put you to the back of the queue now.

IMPORTANT (for those who think they are taking advantage of the queue bug)
8. Call Uber and tell them that their FIFO queue needs to be fixed. Fair play will prevail again.

There are some other tweaks possible depending on the situation, but you will figure them out in the process.

I am sharing this just because Uber does not respond to situations fast. They are aware of the issue, they just can’t figure out what’s going on. Hopefully they will fix the system soon after this post will become popular and chaos will start at all FIFO zones.

And don't thank me. My motto is Fair Play.

P.S. Share your experience, additions.
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Now if only there was a workaround to get DF pings from within the queue. I've wasted a few hours trying to find a backdoor....so far no luck except when the queue is empty or very close to empty.
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Another thing I've noticed...once you "check in" at the rideshare lot, you can roam the airport grounds and even go to the famous 7-11 for a dump in the world's cleanest men's room without losing your place in the queue.


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wait an hour? hahaha
Well.. this is clearly not for X.. X here is used only to move faster within the queue.. basically this means you'll move towards the top faster because you are accepting X but when you are close remove X and now you are at front or close with XL, Black. You can afford to wait because of better fares.


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I've gone into the lot with XL Only on and it won't show the Q page.
But this morning, I dropped off at 4:30 am didn't get an immediate out so I went to the lot. Lyft got me a ride 1st but for fun, I switched to XL Only and it kept me in on the Q page as I drove toward the terminal.


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This wasn't very wise to advertise on a public forum.... Although some vets have already been doing it how did that help your bottom line? Now everyone will try it..