UI Claim: what are you guys putting for reason? COVID-19???


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Hey trying to go through the UI process but unsure about what we should put for the reason.

What are you guys selecting ?

I see a few like No work/not enough work

Or related to COVID-19?

Anyone finish the process of this and can provide any tips so I don’t mess it up the first time around. Thank you


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I think everyone is waiting for the (PANDEMIC UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE) button on the EDD site to support UBER DRIVERS and the like. PANDEMIC UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE is clearly described in the 880 page bill that Trump signed.
you are trying to use the STANDARD UNEMPLOYMENT SUPPORT form, correct?


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After the White House advised everyone who recently visited New York City to self-quarantine for 14 days, I told Uber that I had recently visited there and that the White House said to self-quarantine. This was their HELPFUL response:


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I recommend waiting till someone knowledgeable here, youtube or somewhere else online posts clear instructions on how to file. I imagine jumping the gun and doing it wrong will only add to the delays you will experience. As has been mentioned the stimulus bill just passed and got signed. Fill in as much info as you know and save the draft and wait until updates and clarification come through. I don’t necessarily think rushing to get forms in a day or two earlier than others will make your money come significantly faster.


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sorry, Trump is not a public health authority.
can you sent them a message to call EDD in regards to updating the EDD website to include PANDEMIC UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE ?
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btw, your UBER address should include Suite 400
also that phone number 800-593-7069 is for Rider support, do you want EDD to review one of your uber trips ?