UE Is Less Than Minimum Wage. Period.


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I started doing UE in January. Now it is September and there is no doubt about it... it is slavery and less than minimum wage. I only do it now because of instant pay so I can buy gas daily to go and work for the competitors.

I just don't get why Uber doesn't care about that. They have a very poor business model about it. If the competitors ever do instant pay they will bury UE because there would be no reason in the world for anyone to drive for UE.

I hope the competitors are smart enough to lurk here and see Uber's weakness. Do you think they do?

UE got McDonalds, but GH is now doing Bob Evans, Boston Market, Popeyes... Go GH!


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Less than minimum wage does not equal slavery. Slavery is involuntary servitude without pay.

UE= UberEats
GH= GrubHub


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You have to have rocks fir brains to deliver food to people for next to nothing. I don’t even drive anymore. It’s ridiculous and exploitative.