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Uberx only earnings without consecutive trips


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I run two cars. Pax want a large car for base Uber X rates and hold back on tipping in smaller vehicles.


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Is $11 per ride good?
Seems a little on the low side.

I try to shoot for $20 per ride.
Not always that doable in the current market.
You may get 20 per ride, but you won't gross as much as his anting. Driving only rush hour and etc.


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:o-o: With Uber X? C'mon now. Be serious.
My last 4 weeks I averaged:
$18.65 per ride
$12.71 per ride
$15.61 per ride
$17.94 per ride

As I said I AIM for $20 per ride....doesn't mean I always achieve it.
Believe me that $12.71 was a terrible week.


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$1600 a week anting is 2000+ miles driven. Go by 30 cent a mile cost on most used cars, your expense is $600. $1600 - $600 = $1000

$1000 seem very little for 60+ hours working overtime with greater risks.