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UberX in Podunk Iowa



Many of you have helped me a ton already and I've learned loads by reading here. I'm surprised at how much drivers seem dissatisfied with Uber in general, but heartened that they seem to stay, anyway, so there must be *some* benefit to be had.

This is a very, very part-time gig for me. We live in a tiny rural town north of Ames, Iowa, which is still a relatively small town with a major university. Hubby and I both work in Ames, but the time I am Uber-driving is when my daughter is involved with her dance class which she does 4 days/week for a total of 20 hours/week, also in Ames. With Nutcracker coming up, she will add an extra day and extra couple of hours until the performance just before Christmas. Always before, when we take her to dance, it's time we use to run errands in town (spending money and shopping out of boredom sometimes), head to the gym, and basically sit around, read a book, whatever, to kill the time.

With Uber in town now, I am hoping to make a little money during time that would normally otherwise be 'dead'. Our car is barely within the age limits - a 2007 - but has leather seats and is in really good shape. We already drive 50 miles round trip every day just to and from work and another 50 round trip to get the kid to and from dance. We have four kids and already know a great deal about wear and tear and damage in cars as far as spills and muck - thank God we're out of the diaper stage! :smiles:

At any rate, I have a great deal of patience for chaos. I'm a nurse, so even the puking/spilling isn't going to upset me too much. So far I have turned on the app on 3 different days during the dance time and have taken a whopping total of 5 trips, 2 who tipped me. Everyone was polite, no one made a mess, one trip was very, very short, only $2.78.

But our car gets great gas mileage and is easy to maintain. We have a trusted mechanic and do some of our simpler stuff ourselves - oil changes. I don't think it costs us anywhere near 57.5 cents/mile to drive it. If nothing else, being able to write off the mileage will be beneficial at tax time. We certainly aren't going to do much MORE wear-and-tear to the vehicle than we were doing before.

Ames has an incredibly comprehensive and inexpensive city bus system, as well as a wide-reaching set of bike trails and so on. I'm thinking that the demand for Uber during my usual time frame will increase as the weather gets colder and people don't want to stand waiting for the bus with their groceries in Iowa's 30-below weather.

I'm happy to find this group and learn from you all! I think Uber will be a good fit for me considering my needs/expectations are so low. :biggrin: Hubby says if it keeps me from *spending* money during the dance class, we'll come out ahead! :wink:


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Welcome to the forum. I want to play the tin soldier in the Nutcracker at the Baptist school I went to in Virginia when I was 4 years old.

Good luck with your new venture the extra money always comes in helpful

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